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In the short or medium term, Paris Basket-ball wants to start a women’s team.

On October 16, Paris Basket-ball will host Monaco at Roland-Garros. But what is being talked about today is the long-term project of the women’s section.

It’s time for Paris to welcome a women’s team. We have the opportunity to bring the best players in the world. Will this project happen or not? Will there be a Parisian basketball team in the French championship? Will the new Arena Porte de La Chapelle host a women’s match? We must seriously consider these possibilities. This is the beginning of a new era for women’s basketball and Paris Basketball must be a part of it.“, explained the president of the club David Kahn during the press conference, Basketeuropa reported.

Apart from Stade Français in N1F, high level women are only poorly represented. It’s a shame when you know the potential of the region in terms of talent. In order to implement its reflection, Paris Basket-ball established a committee headed by Nathalie Nenon Zimmermannwho is the former deputy executive director in charge of marketing and revenue of Olympique de Marseille.

Author of the photo: F.Blaise

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