Why can’t soccer players take off their shirts?

Since its birth, football has known many people development of events as well as appearance new rules. Especially the one that forbids players from taking off their jerseys. Since when and why is withdrawal punishable?

Since the foundation of the International Football Federation, or FIFA, on May 21, 1904, football practice has been managed by various rules. They are key to the smooth running of matches and respect for sports in general. Moreover, they are constantly evolving and do not remain frozen in time. The FIFA regulations have undergone changes and amendments over the years, which can be explained by the behavior of players and spectators. Recently, in 2004, article 12 of FIFA stipulates that football players do not have the right to take off their shirts during a match. But why ?

Taking off a soccer jersey became punishable

2002. Manchester hosts Southampton. Diego Forlan is the author of a magnificent goal scored from more than 25 meters away, and to celebrate his performance, the player decided to take off his shirt. The match resumes a few seconds later. However, Forlan did not have time to put his shirt back on. This gesture marks the appearance of Article 12 of FIFA which specifies thistake his shirt off during the match, even halfway through, is punishable yellow card. Even if the goal is memorable, the players now know the punishment they must face if they commit this mistake. Despite this ban, some are not afraid to cross it.

4 reasons why it is forbidden to take off the jersey

  • First of all, additional times now they are an integral part of football matches. Taking off your shirt after a goal is considered a waste of time which some players can abuse.
  • Second, taking your jersey off allows you to do that show text message on the back of the jersey, which may have a political character. Which is against the spirit of FIFA and the spirit of sport in general. In addition, this type of message can cause disturbances and movement of the crowd during the match and among the crowd. This was especially the case during the meeting between Lyon and Saint-Étienne. After the goal, Fekir allowed himself to take off his shirt in front of the Saint-Etienne fans as a provocation, which led to an invasion of the field and therefore to the interruption of the match.
  • After all, taking off the shirt is very poorly thought out by sponsors who want to be prominent and visible when a player scores a goal.

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