The New Zealand baseball team has taken a page from their rugby team’s playbook

It is currently competing to qualify for the World Baseball Championship, which will take place before the 2023 major league baseball season. For countries such as the United States or the Dominican Republic, qualification is not required, but for New Zealand it is mandatory.

Moreover, we try to use intimidation to destabilize the opponent.

The New Zealand national team, inspired by the famous rugby players, hit the Haka before the start of the match.

You know those jokes you make with the face of a demon who skipped a meal? Well, the baseball team did this.

But one important element should be taken into account here. The New Zealand rugby team is the strongest nation in the world. When they make faces at you while foaming at the mouth, it’s scary.

When the New Zealand second baseman tries to do the same, you feel like telling him, ” Bend over your moth pi awaye at 2nd base, the game is about to start. »

If New Zealand ever qualify for the World Cup and the faces say USA and Jacob DeGrom, will they start screaming losers on the field too?

It could be funny.

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