The new FEGUIFOOT charter: the big D-Day.

CONAKRY- Serious things begin. An important step in the right direction will be taken today. It’s about the return to normality in the top of our football, which has been stirred up in recent years by chapel wars that look like low morale.

And that if the new statutes made in the FIFA and CONOR factory, in agreement with the statutory members, as we know, are voted.

According to information based on noticeable excitement in the corridors, everything says that it is a waste of time. The unrepentant and illegible protesters swear by all the names of God that they will destroy this initiative. The mobilization was set up in this way, with the aim of rejecting the document.
It is difficult to read the motivation of the protesters in this regard, who shout loudly every day to explain to the public the desire of CONOR to remain in power for a long time. Knowing full well that the rejection of the document is tantamount, indisputably, to the extension of CONOR’s lease at the head of FEGUIFOOT.

This possibility was clearly stated in the latest letter from FIFA and CAF dated 9 November 2022.

In this letter addressed to the statutory members, these supranational football bodies inform that the framework of the statute that must be voted on comes from them, and that without its adoption it is impossible to organize elections. It could not be clearer about the extension of the mandate of the interim football governing body in the event, and it seems very certain, of the rejection of the statute.

Another image that the protesters would like to return to the public is that of the unpopular CONOR.

He will probably succeed, but surely to his detriment. Because we will understand the need to keep Guinean football at bay until we rid it of the demon of division that haunts it and that favored the arrival of CONOR.

Furthermore, it is hypocritical and stupid to deny the statutory members the right to independently decide how to admire local football.

But please, not as they please, and no more according to dirty interests that are too personal and often highlighted.
In any case, it is certain that CONOR has nothing to lose. If he succeeds, good for him.

If necessary, he will settle permanently and will water the chalice until the disobedient have drunk it.


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