suspended prison sentence

SAINT PIERRE. “I want to remind you that my client is the victim in this case!” begins Me Bilquis Naceur, for the civil party. And for good reason, a man in his fifties took no less than five hits to the face with a baseball bat two weeks ago. While drinking with his palms in a bar on Ligne Paradis, a man saw his “rival” walk by… not remembering that he had reconciled with him a few weeks ago. “When he doesn’t drink, he’s fine, but otherwise he spends his time shouting, threatening us, insulting us”recounts the defendant who spent thirty years in the bar of the Saint-Pierre court.
The latter claims that he lives in fear of meeting a drunk, just out of prison, on every family outing. Moreover, that day he drives past a well-known store and is challenged again. Under the encouragement and while he believed that the old quarrel between them was settled, “I wasn’t thinking, I shouldn’t have taken the baseball bat out of the trunk.” What followed were five blows to the face, a broken eyebrow arch, an exploded nose and 15 days of ITT for his victim, who was also disabled after the accident. In the bar, the defendant merges in the pronunciation, in front of his pregnant wife. As the prosecution reminds “nothing is black or white, there are always gray areas.”
Prosecutor Caroline Calbo questioned the victim about his drinking, his aggressiveness, and especially after this story, pressing, – We’ll have to calm down with those stories about sideways glances that end with an escalation of incredible violence!, she supports. Considering the repentant attitude of the defendant and the absence of violence, she asked for a suspended prison sentence of eight months. The sentence followed by the court with a ban on carrying weapons for three years.

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