Striker!! : these games that marked

Following the publication of the text about the 35th year Punch-out Mike Tyson!!, asked the editorial staff to RDS dive into their memories and present a video game that marked them in a special way. Here are their testimonies.

The Legend of Zelda (nintendo1986)

I was a big fan of adventure games and The Legend of Zelda was by far the best. It was also the time of the series A book in which you are the hero. Zelda allowed me to wear a big check mark above all the fantastical fantasy of the book series.

Possibility of development Connection adventure after adventure and quest after quest was much more interesting than catching a mushroom or a fire flower in the Super Mario Bros. mario was too linear. IN Zeldadangers came from everywhere, while treasures or enemies required a certain level of strategy and thinking before finding or defeating them.

Swords, shields, bows, bombs, hearts and especially the Triforce. We devoured tasks one after the other before giving the well-deserved hits mautadine Ganon’s fine step. Much like, oh my, squires… tanning it!

Next Zelda II: Link’s Adventure was so bad that I quickly went back to the original. nintendo quickly understood the message, because if Zelda II was released a year after the original, it took the company three years to release a great one The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

After that, the evolution of the series, the game, the graphics and the plot developed so much that I found myself in use gamecube my brother to play The Ocarina of Time Where Majora’s mask. The series continues to be developed and performed, while recent Breath of the wild is ranked as the best Zelda ever.

Although it’s been a while since I picked up a video game, I’m still attached to the great adventures that Connection and I had the opportunity to live together so that night after night we would come to the aid of this dear princess Zelda. Well, I need to find a good old man quickly nintendo! – Christian D’Aoust

River City Ransom (Technos Japan1989)

While I like the complexity of today’s games – yes, Victoria 3 I’m absolutely talking about you! – I admit that sometimes I feel sorry for the simplicity of those from the time NES. Super Mario Bros., RBI Baseball, Steel blades and many others… I long ago stopped counting the number of times I blew into the “cassette” to switch from one title to another.

Strangely, the most I played was a game I didn’t even have in my library. It was a ritual, every weekend I went to my friend Jean-Michel to finish River City Ransomone of the leading titles of the genre beat them up (Double dragon, finalfight, etc.). I write to the end, but I had nothing to do with the successes of ours according to the final boss (Simon).

Years ago, full of nostalgia, I downloaded the game to run it on an emulator, but the magic just wasn’t there. I was still just as bad, but most of all I needed someone by my side to relive the completely satisfying experience. As I write these lines, I tell myself to jump in the car, drive 600 km and cross the border to go play River City Ransom sounds like a great vacation plan for this summer! – Francis Paquin

NHL ’94 (EA Canada1993)

If your right thumb hurts today, I may know the cause: one-off attacks NHL ’94, famous one-liners. It’s hard to summarize this game in so few words when you’ve played it for so many hours. In my case it was on super nintendo.

Easy goals by going around the net, shots on reception (abuse of the thumb!), broken bay windows (always in the same place), caps on the ice after the third goal, are some of the innovations offered by this game that was significant for an entire generation. The presence of the organ during the matches certainly also had a lot to do with it.

This is the first time the National Hockey League has allowed player and team names to appear in a video game. Lemieux, Roenick, Yzerman, Oates… each had their own weapon to make a friend or relative look bad. The pleasure of playing with Nordiques or Whalers with sound Brass Bonanza : nostalgia comes back so easily. – Maxim Morin

Ken Griffey Jr. represents Major League Baseball (Software creations1994)

When I was in high school, my friend (Eric Simard) and I decided to rent Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball to super nintendo as soon as we fell on spring break on Friday night. We set ourselves the task of playing all the games in the season, so 162 games. Our plan: spend the week playing. Non stop.

Eric played for two hours, I went to sleep for two hours. If I took over, Eric would sleep for two hours. Every morning Eric or I would go to the video store to renew the tape rental. We’ve been eating peanut butter sandwiches all week.

The only time we didn’t play was when we went to hockey practice with our Normandy team. In the end, our Florida Marlins didn’t make the playoffs and our best pitcher was old Charlie Hough with his slow pitch. All this in order not to make a series! This week is a memory that will remain etched in my memory forever. But I wouldn’t want my children to do the same!

Ah! And Eric is still my close friend. Even if he went to Abitibi and I went to Montreal, we still see each other at least once a year and talk about this crazy week every time! – Michael Laprise

WrestleMania 2000 (AKI Corporation1999)

The sound of the window exploding is heard. Cool Steve Austin run into the ring to challenge me, the world champion WWFin the ladder match to the next Wrestling mania. This is the highlight of my career that started within the game of the same name: WrestleMania 2000.

This game, which marked the arrival of the new millennium, was equally revolutionary in Nintendo64 but the age we are entering. With its graphics so realistic for 1999, with its incredible selection of more than 50 available wrestlers and wrestlers, and with its scenario that allows you to create a character whose mission is to climb the ladder of the McMahon empire amidThe Attitude Eraas I climb the ladder in a match against Rattlesnake later PPV. – Yannick Plante

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo EAD1998)

A forerunner of today’s adventure games, Ocarina of Time revolutionized video games in its own way. It was the first game that won me over and I spent hundreds of hours in it discovering everything with my brother. Hours and hours of exploration in optional missions or just aimlessly fishing in Lake Hylia. Still in 2022, it’s a game that has aged very well and we can rediscover it thanks to an active modding community. Composer Koji Kondo’s music is absolutely fantastic, and the opening notes of the main theme take me back to the living room of our duplex with my siblings in 1998. The nostalgia factor may have had a lot to do with it, but it’s probably the best video game of all time. Since then, his influence has been felt in every 3D game. – Guillaume Pelletier

Final Fantasy X (SquareSoft2001)

It may not be the most famous game in the family Final fantasybut it’s the game that kept me in front of me for the longest time PS2. Here we are talking about more than a hundred hours easily. I also bought a digital copy for PS4 so they can dive back into the world of Spira. Everything about this game left an indelible mark on my adolescence. From the soundtrack, through the temple puzzles, character development and story. It was also the first time a video game brought tears to my eyes. It would be hard for me to choose between the 4th chapter of the saga Resident Evil, Zelda Breath of the Wild and this game. But if I had no choice, FFX would be at the top of my list. – Jean-Christophe Bertrand

2005 Baseball MVP (EA Canada2005)

It was when I had a lot of free time and you could play with the A, AA and AAA teams in addition to the Majors. Every morning I played every game of the Washington Nationals organization, their first year after going to the Expos.

I knew all the fictional names of the players in the organization, because I played with them and even made up stories that they were drafted, etc. During training camp, my friend and I played the computer and even made scouting reports to decide who was going to AA, AAA , etc. No, I didn’t have a blonde that summer! – Daniel Richard

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