Stephen Curry scores 40 points on 15/23 shooting against the Cavs, this man is a basketball player

This kind of little man suddenly makes us take a step back until we ask ourselves: “But why are super mobile 2m20 freaks panicking us? “. Of course, Stephen Curry monopolizes the opening. Chapo soloist. Hats off to the artist.

Nice homemade boxscore is HERE!

“Brilliant”the title of Le Figaro.

“Basketball Albus Dumbledore”he is overjoyed Discharge.

“We haven’t seen that since Sylvain Francisco against Lithuania”emphasizes the Dauphine Libere.

In the category of records that aren’t actually records, Stephen Curry is the first player in history to drop 40 points in two consecutive games with 65% shooting and at least 5 shots from the parking lot. That’s too far. We would have to invent a new sexual orientation for statisticians to mine this kind of information. It’s a crazy performance huh, but it’s just for principle. Can we put away the pencils and figures, and just list 40 points on 15/23 shooting only 2 balloons lost ? Crazy activity in the last quarter, 15 points on 3/4 of the parking lot and a deuce dagger came to send the Cavaliers back to Ohio. Tribute this screen Klay Thompson more illegal than the fight of midgets organized in the basement of the Palais Bourbon by the representatives who bet there on the legal texts. A prop pose that isn’t posed at all, a left shoulder connecting Isaac Okoro’s chin and two hands immediately in the air to pretend he knows nothing when he knows everything. Basketball that we appreciate when it is played in favor of our team.

Chef’s performance is all the more terrifying because he was not accompanied by his brother from defense zone : only 9 points on 3/13 shooting Klay Thompson who realizes his worst career start there. Without the contributions of Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins and Draymond Green, it would be difficult for Stephen Curry to manage on his own. And that despite his 40 pawns. The Cavaliers remain the Cavaliers, namely one of the Eastern Conference’s good students who can fire you up without shining. These bastards nearly shut down the defending champs shooting 40% for the game, including 27% on 3-pointers. Soothing in a way, but ugly. Only Dono Mitchell was great with 29 points with 50% shooting, 10 rebounds, 9 assists and plus-minus from +7. We wish we could say the same for Darius Garland, but the fifth pick in the 2019 draft is still struggling to start the season. Injured on Day 1, he missed two weeks and returned to the middle of the Bulls 96: a team without problems, the starting duo of Evan Mobley – Jarrett Allen at the top, Donovan Mitchell in the race for the MVP trophy. At T, it’s up to Garland to reintegrate into his own team. A difficult, thankless task, but if he succeeds, the successes will be even greater.

Stephen Wardell Curry is a guy who is capable of throwing a top team into doubt by sheer force of unstoppable scoring against other NBA defenses. Hats off to the artist.

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