Soccer: The head of Italian referees nicknamed Rambo arrested for international drug trafficking

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A former military officer, Rosario D’Onofrio was until this weekend the Attorney General of the Italian Association of Judges. He was removed from his post after he was arrested on Thursday for his involvement in international drug trafficking.

He was nicknamed Rambo, but, according to the prosecution, he was an actor in a large international drug trade. This man’s name is Rosario D’Onafrio. He is a former military officer who then drifted into arbitration. He joined the disciplinary team of the Italian Association of Referees (AIA) in 2013, and in March 2021 he was appointed head of the referee investigation office, reports the Italian media Gazzetta Dello Sport.

Rosario D’Onafrio was arrested this Thursday in Milan with 42 other people for international drug trafficking between Italy and Spain. According to the Italian press, more than six tons of marijuana and hashish passed between the two countries in two years. Shipments were sometimes hidden among pallets of fruit or vegetables or even in hearses to avoid checks.

He used his uniform to secretly deliver drugs

The chief justice, who was then removed from office on Saturday, was already arrested in flagrante delicto in May 2020. During that period of detention, he then used his old military uniform to go unnoticed and deliver drugs. D’Onofrio acted as a courier for the gang organization.

“I am confused. One thing is certain, the FIGC will make all the decisions necessary to protect the reputation of the football world and the refereeing class itself,” commented the president of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), the Italian Gabriele Gavrina.

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