Soccer: The conflict between El Salvador and Honduras in July 1969, the story of the Hundred Hour War

Nickname ” Football warThe Hundred Hour War was a temporary conflict between El Salvador and Honduras, which were then in a very delicate political situation. The trigger for this clash will be a match between the two countries.

In history books, it is common for students to encounter many significant conflicts, such as Hundred Years War. However, there are defining historical conflicts, but they have more origins or details. strange. This is for example the case of the Boxer Rebellion or the sheep paratroopers used during the Ethiopian War. Among these unknown conflicts of unusual origin we find the Hundred Hours War. In 1969, the single Sports meeting Between El Salvador and Honduras caused a short-lived armed conflict between the two Central American countries. If it remains one of the shortest wars in history, this conflict arose not from arbitration problems, but from political tensions.

Strong tensions present long before the tragedy

The conflict stems from the maldistribution of land. While Honduras is vast and sparsely populated, El Salvador is a small country with a dense population. In fact, many people go to Honduras to get land. This will lead to tension between native owners and immigrants. Moreover, the leaders of both countries manipulate the media. Angry people will multiply armed actions. The conflict will really begin when Salvadoran aircraft bomb Honduras. The conflict itself will last only from July 14 to 18, 1969. It will stop at the request of the international community. It was created a few weeks earlier on the football field.

The Four Day War which originated from the match on June 26, 1969

It is celebrated on June 26, 1969 return match between El Salvador and Honduras. The two countries play the qualifying stages for the World Cup in Mexico 1970. But the score is 1-1 after the first two games. But every game was an opportunity to knock down the opposing team with a low kick. On the other hand, each team’s sleep before the game was interrupted. This final encounter finally allows for a decision between the two teams. El Salvador wins 3-2, but tension is at its peak in both countries. Economic activity has come to a halt, spillovers are taking place at the borders and deaths are being recorded on both sides.

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