Saint Lys. Soccer: Add three for SLO FC

At the beginning of the meeting, Cornebarrie (2nd, 9 points, game less) hosted Saint-Lys (4th, 6 points). The duel of the top of the D1 championship rankings at the dawn of the 5th day.

In the kickoff, a balanced game is set up and the two teams match each other shot for shot. In the 20th minute, after a nice collective move on the left side, Marco Pereira’s cross ends up on the foot of David Aubert, who just has to push the ball out of the empty goal 0-1. Despite numerous attempts by the home team, the result did not change until the break. After returning from the dressing room, Cornebarriens’ pressure increased, but they encountered a Saint-Lysien block that did not let up. On both sides in this match, the performance of the goalkeepers should be highlighted.

In the tense finale of the match, the two teams will be reduced to 10. Despite numerous attempts, the black and green are unable to increase the score and lose for the first time in the season. Good operation for Saint-Lysiens who recorded their third win in a row and climbed to second place in the D1 standings. The next match for SLO FC will be next week when they welcome Isle-en-Dodon.

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