OBITUARY: The disappearance of Lysian Mouquet, the great leader of Picardy football

Football in Picard has just lost Lysian Mouquet, one of the leaders who served the regional cause the most.

Today, our former Picardy has drowned in the Hauts-de-France League, in which, there is no doubt, Lysian Mouquet she wouldn’t find her place.

Lysian Mouquet was more than a leader: an erudite, educated and capable man, as he shows Somme Football District President Pascal Tranquillegive a speech without any preparation and above all manage to convince your audience.

Lysian Mouquet, who died in 88 years oldhe was from the sub-district Vimeo because at that time the Somme district had several very different sectors. Vimeu was not easy to manage from Amiens and Lysian Mouquet very quickly became a real leader at Vimeu, before joining the Somme district in the early 1970s.

We were with him as a representative of corporate football. Lysian Mouquet was never president of the Somme district, but he was promised a brighter destiny. He actually became president of the League of Picardy and those who had the opportunity to meet him learned a lot from his contact.

He was also a delegate at expert gatherings and somewhat of an ambassador of the FFF in overseas departments. But Picardy was dear to him and, for example, a prominent politician, Olivier Chapuis Roux the vice-president in charge of sport in the Picardy region in the 2000s and 2010s stated that Lysian Mouquet was the greatest leader he approached during his mandates.

At the Ligue de Picardie headquarters, rue Jules Lardière in Amiens, the big names of French football came to visit him, such as Gerard Houllier, Aimé Jacquet and many others.

Until his last breath, he loved Picardy, our beautiful region that fell apart a few years ago. After he stopped working in the Ligue de Picardie, Lysian Mouquet joinedAmiens SC because he was very close to the president Bernard Joannin.

This Saturday, a tribute will be paid to the memory of Lysian Mouquet before the start of the L2 Amiens SC-Quevilly Rouen Métropole match.


Author of the photo: DR (FFF)

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