N3: The mountain is not attacking

Having gone three games without a goal, US Montagnard will be hoping to find the back of the net against GSI Pontivy this Saturday.

N3. La Montagne – GSI Pontivy and Locminé – TA Rennes, this Saturday (18:00)

Two goals were scored. And even just one in the last seven meetings. We can’t say that the Mountain offense is panicking the counters this season. Only Antoine Blayo (on the first day against Locminé) and Erwan Now (against Fougères a month ago) managed to find the caution of the opposing goalkeeper. Much to the displeasure of Pierrick Le Bert. If he can count on experienced players in defense (Morel, Amisador) or confirmed in the middle (Martin, Conanec), offensively it is less. Derennes, Blayo, Le Coupanec and Mroz have already tasted N3 in the past, but Rouzic, Tanguy, the Now brothers and Piel are discovering the division and need to understand the level. “When I see strikers from other clubs, there are a lot of them who played in National or National 2. We rely a lot on the collective. But it is not always enough. It is also necessary for individualities to emerge to help the collective result,” said Le Bert.

reason for hope

However, the situation is not catastrophic. The Montagnards are undefeated at Mané-Braz (four draws). They faced three leaders and the games remained good. “Apart from this result in Cesson (5-0), I am optimistic because we were consistent in most games. We need to work even more on our offensive animation. I want us to remain positive until we win this first victory, which would be good for us,” continues the Malagasy coach.

The Bert “The Wheel Will Turn”

Eliminated from the Coupe de France, as soon as they entered the competition, in Pontivy (2-0), Pierrick Le Bert’s troops also could not take advantage of the “easy” rounds that would have allowed the attackers to build confidence. . As was the case, for example, last year (5-0 at Quistinic, 6-0 at Questembert and 5-0 at Meslan). “It would be good. But we can’t go back. There are still a lot of games left. The wheel will turn at some point,” adds Le Bert.

Locminé vs TA Rennes

For their part, Locminé faces TA Rennes on Saturday. Success would allow the Locminois to pass ahead of the evening’s opponents.

Mountain group: Guillemin, Millottte – Amisador, Mounier, Morel (cap), Obamé – Martin, Conanec, Zambe, E. Main, Perron – Rouzic, Derennes, Le Coupanec, D. Piel, B. Piel, Mroz. Coach: Pierrick Le Bert.

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