Interview. Basketball. With Evan Bellery, CS Bayeux offers itself a new luxury joker

With Evan Bellery (right), CS Bayeux offers an outstanding shot-stopper. © DR

Evan, why did you decide to join CS Bayeux in the off-season? What were your motives?

After the relegation of my team, I wanted at all costs to participate in the National 3 project, which was of interest. CS Bayeux suited what I needed. The club is aiming for the top 5. The crowd is incredible. The stands are always full of fans who don’t just watch the game. They live it! I also knew the coach [Gilles Bailluet, ndlr] since he already trained me in Caen BC. I really enjoyed the group. I already get along well with my teammates. The club is doing well. Without a doubt, the best player in the championship is developing in my position [Robin Lecoutey, ndlr] from which I will be able to learn a lot.

Despite the results and relegation at the end of the championship, were you able to enjoy last season in Caen Nord Basket?

It’s hard to feel satisfied when every game ends in a loss, but I found that at the end of the season with more offensive duties. Not everything is to be thrown away. We won important games, but we were not spared from injuries. Our coach [Sandra Dijon, ndlr] left the club in the middle of the season. I was able to express myself in attack and I had the best season in terms of goals.

Bayeu audiences will discover you this season. How would you define your playing style to a CS Bayeux fan who has never seen you play?

I live a lot for my recording. It was a lot of work because I drove to the cadets and scored only near the circle. I didn’t manage to shoot anything. My reading of games improves every year. I can see the right situations better and my passing quality is improving. Having developed with Boris [Renaux, ndlr] made me understand many things. And without knowing it, he helped me a lot. I absorbed everything I needed. During the preliminaries, I defended more than usual. It’s not my strong point, but by signing for CS Bayeux I wanted to discover something else.

You remain, statistically speaking, very good seasons. You will most likely be a replacement for Robin Lecoutey and Ismaël Lebrun. How do you live in this role of luxury prankster that awaits you?

I’m living the role of the doppelgänger waiting for me well. I fully accept that. I don’t stick to fixed ideas. Last year, if I was the number one attacking option, I knew that my other teammates could score as well. I did not hesitate to sacrifice myself. It is true that when I joined CS Bayeux no one understood my choice after the season I had just finished. I just want to win matches and if I only have to play ten minutes for that, but giving my best, I will! I love competition. I like that we are together to win.

You said earlier: CS Bayeux does not hide its desire for top 5. Do you think he has the means to achieve his ambitions?

I think. Preliminaries are difficult because we need time to get used to it. We are all very good offensive players. Everyone wants to prove themselves, but when we are definitely ready, we will have the means to be dangerous. Each of us must put ourselves in a role. The group is tight, but the group is very good.

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