FOOTBALL: The Portuguese want to continue

Authors of a good start to the season in R2, but in the absence of series, the Portuguese want to surf, this Sunday against Montataire, on their two recent big wins.

In an excellent start to the season, which is already seen by the Portuguese FC Porto from Amiens First with the best attack and the best defense, a few clouds on the horizon. But while he doesn’t deny that he’s “convinced” about what his team recently proposed, Benoit Turbois stay alert. On one point in particular: “I wonder about the ability of the players to continue this dynamic. In terms of content, we have seen that we are very much capable of delivering games and achieving results. Now we don’t have any not yet serialized. We might consider starting one with a win over Ailly. Are we capable of acquiring regularity, of we remain consistent in our performance ? This is the question. »

To start the streak, you’ll need to get rid of it Montaireinteresting 6, with a game less, only one defeat and the last won 4-5 on the lawn of Gamaches, never a sinecure. What to say to the coach of Amiens that it is ” the customer “ and that it will not be a “cake walk”. However, he admits that he does not focus primarily on the opponent. Because for him, our only real opponent can only be us. »

Benoît Sturbois explains: “The only reason why we don’t win games would be disunity, backward play. Because otherwise, I really trust my team to play the way I want. » “If we play togetherIf we are effective as it is now”he doesn’t see what could stop him, when you see how even an interesting Ailly team has taken the tide.

Doing the series would also be an opportunity for the leader to peel off. It’s not a concern for Benoît Sturbois yet, but at least it’s an opportunity stay on top of the table, which is our goal. » First of all, it would be a matter of collection “points and confidence. » And if the early lead in the championship does not bode well, “The points that will be taken are no longer taken. »

Points they won’t look for yet I’m drinkingsuspended, Ideawho can return with a reserve, but whose suspension in A is still ongoing, i Yahiaoui, also absent. In contrast, love re-application, return from suspension. As for the situation Peasalthough a little affected in the ankle, he is not worried, for now he is the coach of the Portuguese.

Day 6 of Regional 2
Sunday, November 13, 2:30 p.m., Stade Moulonguet: FC Porto Portuguese Amiens (1st, 12 points) – SFC Montataire (6th, 7 points)

Morgan Chaumier
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports
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