Football National 3 – Montceau welcomes Mâcon, a complicated game, says Lionel Large

This Saturday, November 12, 2022 (6 p.m. at Alouettes), the second derby of the season for FCMB hosting UF Maconnaise. A club dear to president Alain Griezmann is aiming to quickly climb to N2 and is giving itself the means to achieve its ambitions. Indeed, after an interesting recruitment drive last season, there was another major coup this summer with the recruitment of Kevin Colin from Sète to National. Then, most recently, Pape Gaye who made the highlight of Louhans Cuiseaux last season in N2. Some players like Perradin who played in Ligue 2 in Bourg en Bresse, Farras in Goal in N2, Jasse in FC Villefranche in National, Dunand in Villefranche in National, Ndoye in Louhans in N2, dream of returning to the next level.

Matar Diagne passed Louhans Cuiseaux two seasons ago, he is currently the top scorer in the group with 6 goals, while last season in R1 he was well over thirty.

Facing this opponent who will be the favorite on Saturday, the Montcelliens will have the weapons to answer the challenge of the prefects. Indeed, Aurélien Ferrari and Lionel Large regained some absences from last weekend. They are absent, Legris ruled out on Saturday in Morteau and Ouchem serving his long suspension.

The Montcelliens are regaining confidence with this win brought from Doubs and some defensive solidity that has been missing for a few weeks.

Lionel Large, co-coach and sports director of the club explains the functioning of the club and the mid-term and long-term goals of FCMB.


Sporting director Lionel Large (right) watches over the Montcellien club. Here with Pape Ndiaye and Aurélien Ferrari last August.

You were a player in D3 during Entente Montceau and then a coach in FCMB, what are your fondest memories?

Lionel Large : “Our career in the 2007 Coupe de France, after the elimination of Bordeaux, Lens and the elimination in the semi-final against FC Sochaux in extra time. It was an excellent memory for the entire club.

FCMB is a training club that four years ago had teams at the highest level, national U19 and U17, not forgetting interleague U15. It was a fortune for the club!

“Yes, he enabled the best youngsters to think about playing in the senior category for the future. Currently, the best U15 players are often sought after by professional clubs such as Sochaux, Dijon, Guingamp and Orléans at national level. Currently, it is more and more difficult to work with our young people because clubs are inviting them all season, which can lead them to have their heads elsewhere.

It would be preferable if the FFF imposes on professional clubs a specific period in the season to test young people on their infrastructure, rather than anytime during the season.

The N3 championship is getting bigger and bigger with pro reserves thinking about moving up to N2. Is it more complicated for FCMB?

“We have to maintain it as quickly as possible with the current reform and leave five teams behind. It is a two-speed championship with big cars and other teams that do not have significant resources with the obligation to work, balancing work and football and evening training after the working day.

How does the N3 club recruitment work?

“Our way of working is through the network, by monitoring the players in the matches. Then we have to deal with supply and demand. Often a player is looking for the best project and a contract that allows him to train only football.

Which player will mark you the most from your beginnings as a coach at FCMB?

“Jessy Benet will be a very young, mature player with a lot of composure. Then Yassin El Azzouzi comes from Agde who had a professional career, experienced a linear rise from DH to Ligue 1. Then Mickael Scannella, arrived from Bourg in Ligue 2, Christophe Langlois , Christophe Mey and Johan Lapeyre marked the history of FCMB as very good goalkeepers”.

Today, on Saturday, the second derby against UFM is looming, after the one won against FCG, how do you see this match?

“We know it will be a complicated game, like the game against FCG. In Mâcon they have players with great experience who have played in Ligue 2 and National. It is a playful team that likes to attack.

We are already worried about ourselves rather than the opponent, which has been our leitmotif since the beginning of the season. Aurélien Ferrari is always looking for information about the opponent, his weak points, his qualities. Mâcon is aiming for the top of the table and has been giving himself resources for the last few seasons”.

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