Football. Mondial, a window into the 20th century

Proposed to various publishers in 1997, this book did not see the light of day. Twenty-five years later, Syllepsa editions correct that mistake by publishing an essay by François Thébaud, former editor-in-chief of the cult magazine “Mirror of Football” François Thébaud about various world championships, in the Mirror Sprint edition. Ahead of his time, the author, who died in 2008, opposed the hypocritical principle that “sport is apolitical”. Moving away from the usual sports journalism, the author recounts the relationship that each World Cup had with the economic and political environment of that time. Flipping through this book rich in photographs, through 16 chapters we relive the turbulent history of the 20th century, such as the “Copa del Duce” organized by the Italian fascist regime in 1934 or that of 1978 (“Vacation for Videl”), exploited by the military junta in power in Argentina. François Thébaud also deciphers nationalism, the power of television and announces the arrival of football business and the omnipotence of FIFA. Everything is there. An opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of the magazine (1960-1979), fans of fine gestures and attacking football. A great gift to give without waiting for Christmas.

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