Football. In Division 2, Urville-Nacqueville meets expectations after 7 days

After the victory against Pointe Cotentin (3-0), Urvile-Nacqueville remains the leader of Group A Departmental 2.
After the victory against Pointe Cotentin (3-0), Urville-Nacqueville remains the leader of Group A Departmental 2. (© Kevin LALOUELLE)

As a favorite to enter D1 at the beginning of the season thanks to an interesting recruitment,ASSUN he did not miss his start with five wins, two draws and no losses. After seven days, the club on The Hague is the holder of Group A of Division 2 (17 points).

In recent weeks, players fromUrville-Nacqueville they also know how to facilitate matches. Thanks to Emmanuel’s two goals in the first half Henaff and Gregory Reneeand later the third from Kevin Joannonhe defeated the leader of the “Orange” this Sunday, November 6, 2022, on his field in Pointe Cotentin without batting an eyelid (3-0).

“We had a very good first half, as in the last three meetings, then not enough in the second half despite our dominance. Congratulations to the players in spite of everything”, the manager wants to underline Vincent Bonnemainsalso reached the postseason (Pointe Hague).

PL Octeville remains on the lookout

The Urvillais are therefore at the top of the table, even if PL Octeville (13 points, one game in hand) keeps pace, with a narrow 1-0 win at Gréville-Hague (goalAlexandre Robillard). This success achieved on Sunday, however, allows the troupe to Tony Godheux save three points: “This D2 championship is really complicated. You have to get every point. So we were afraid until the last moment. »

PL Octeville beat Gréville-Hague with Alexandre Robillard's goal (1-0).
PL Octeville beat Gréville-Hague with Alexandre Robillard’s goal (1-0). (© Kevin LALOUELLE)

Val de Saire “B” on the pedestal

With 13 points (in 7 games) he is a reserve Val de Saire closes the campaign of this mini-branch by filling the podium after the success against Digosville (2-1). “We had a good first half, then we stopped in the second, but we managed to keep the three points. You have to try to start the series”, summarizes the coach of this formation, Robin Gibielle.

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