Football. Before the shock against ASPTT Caen, why is FC Flers so strong?

Flers has been in the Regional 1 championship since the beginning of the season and won the first match 4-1 in Mondeville.
Flers has been in the Regional 1 championship since the beginning of the season and won the first match 4-1 in Mondeville. ©Aline Chatel

The match had not yet started and Jean-Baptiste Piquet was already impressed. Far from imagining that he would take nine that evening, the coach of AS Tourlaville reflected on the quality of the warm-up organized by FC Flers this Saturday, October 22, 2022. They only have athletes in their team. And you immediately see the real organization, the real structure. “The author of an interesting start to the season, Tourlaville lost 9-1 in Orne.

Flers walked all over them

The sauce was a little hotter than usual, but the dish was no different. Flers have won everything since the start of the Regional 1 championship. Mondeville (1-4), Equeurdreville (3-0), Alençon (0-3), Argentan (3-1) and Deauville (0-3) all suffered the law of the undisputed juggernaut . With six wins in six games, 25 goals scored and only three conceded, Flers “overcomes everything”, as Jean-Baptiste Piquet put it. What makes them so strong? Everything, according to the technician Manchois, is very admirable.

They are complete. They have two very strong center balls. He organizes the game well in the middle, they have a killer in front with Gosselin. Five chances against us, five goals.

Jean-Baptiste Piquet, coach of Tourlaville

ASPTT Caen, second in R1, will know what to expect on Saturday November 12 at 18:00. “It is a team that projects very quickly, that puts a lot of verticality, details JB Piquet. They have two or three preferential circles. They are so well sharpened that when you manage to find a solution on a circuit, they go to the second or third without any problems. “Even when they don’t have the ball, the Fleriens are just as powerful, in the eyes of the former Maladrerie coach.

everywhere good

“When we play with them, at 2:0, we are in the game, they give us the ball. But actually, they come to lock you in some area and you’re dead. It’s a steamroller. A steamroller with cold realism, like his scorer Geoffrey Gosselin, and a detonator called Demba Dia. The former Mondevillais is an attraction at the beginning of the season.

On the side, it’s a war machine. When you see him play, you get the impression that it’s Mbappé against an Ajax defender. I’ve never seen a player like that in R1. I am not convinced that there are such strong players in N3. He is lightning fast, insanely powerful and plays simply.

Jean-Baptiste Piquet

Flers is also, or above all, extreme strictness, according to his victim. “From the technical staff to the players, it’s maddeningly serene. There is no one word greater than another. Maybe it was easier against us… But they played the same way from the first minute to the last. As if that wasn’t enough, they also have a “top goalie” in Lorry Levionnois. And a decent mentality. “He makes an impression intelligently, without a bad gesture. They are a fun team to play for. With good guys and good players. »

Opinion of Alexis Bertin, coach of Deauville

Alexis Bertin, coach of Deauville, could only see the strength of Flers, Saturday November 12, 2022 (0-3). “They were more mature and patient than us,” he explains. We put ourselves in trouble every time we lost the ball. They have fast and efficient sides. The midfielder is smart, moves well in intervals. Offensively, they have quality. Their state of mind is very good. It is clearly the best team we have met, there is no comparison. They were calm and complete on all lines. They are in their place, that’s for sure. But I think PTT is capable of beating them. This would revive the championship. »

“Strong, but beatable,” for the Deauville coach

Jean-Baptiste Piquet is curious to see how this formation finally destabilizes. Deauville failed on Saturday 5 November 2022, while Alexis Bertin’s men also registered five wins in five games before the meeting. However, the coach of Deauville is not as enthusiastic as his colleague.

We put ourselves in danger. They are a really cohesive team, but the result is not very significant. The referee forgot the penalty in our favor, we made an individual mistake with the first goal… It’s difficult, but it’s surmountable.

Alexis Bertin, coach of Deauville

To be the first to hook Flers is the obvious goal of PTT, Saturday, November 12, 2022. It could be in the interest of the championship… “This match will be the right answer, believes Jean-Baptiste Picket. If they stick three to the PTT, it’s over. Tourlavillais has a small idea of ​​a possible scenario. For him, Caennais will “have the ball”, but it is Flériens who will “decide”, with his counter-attacking potential.

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“In N3 it would be with Vire”

For Jean-Baptiste Piquet, this Flers “would be s [le leader] It turns smoothly in National 3 “and could even exist in National 2. “It worked very well, he believes. They also took advantage of the emphasis on PTT recruitment. They could work quietly. It’s super impressive. “ASPTT Caen has been warned. But if there’s a team that looks armed to challenge Flers’ supremacy, it’s their…

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