C’Chartres Football: assistant coach Thierry Bocquet leaves the club

Absent on Saturday November 5 in Évreux, Thierry Bocquet will not find the bench of C’Chartres Football this Saturday November 12 in Granville, during the 10th day of the National 2. After the arrival of the new coach Pierre-Yves David, Jean-Pierre Papin’s assistant agreed with leaders to leave the club.

It’s official, Pierre-Yves David succeeds Jean-Pierre Papin on the C’Chartres Football bench

“I came to support Jean-Pierre, a mission I could not refuse when I decided to end my career. It was like a Christmas present to me. From the moment he leaves, it seems logical to me that he leaves too. If Pierre-Yves really wanted to work with me, I would consider it. But that was not the case and maybe it’s better that way,” says the technician.

Arriving at the end of December 2021, just before the spectacular recovery of the CCF, the former coach of Versailles, Poissy or Beauvais leaves without bitterness after ten months at Chartres.

“PPP does not start with failure”

“There will be a small year of happiness hanging out with President Gérard Soler and the PPP, who has become a friend. We must not forget that only a team that had an exceptional season prevented us from going up last season. This year, given the personnel problems, I would say that we saved the furniture. PPP does not start with failure, he took the club to a new level, especially in terms of notoriety. It was phenomenally fortunate for Chartres to have him here. I was united, I tried to give him a wider reflection and I always supported him in his choices. »

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At the age of 63, Thierry Bocquet does not rule out accepting a new challenge as assistant to the great or number one, “but it has to be a good project”.

In the meantime, he wishes full success to CCF where Pierre-Yves David will rely on Robin Moreau, the physical coach, and Adrien Gat, the goalkeeping coach.

“There is everything for success here with many volunteers who invest and a municipal sports policy that has no equal in France,” continues Thierry Bocquet. I really appreciated this dynamic and took advantage of it. For ten months I was more Chartrain than Chartrains! »

Franck Thebault

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