Basketball: Maxime Choplin, master of Fougères

Maxime Choplin and Fougerais will host Cambrai on Saturday 12 March.
Maxime Choplin and Fougerais will host Cambrai on Saturday 12 March. ©Republikanska kronika archival photo

The following cases of Covid among the workforce N2 from the land of fougères basketballmeeting in Calais basketball originally scheduled for last Saturday, it was postponed to a later date. PFB players used the opportunity to rest before the very busy month of March. Maxime Choplin’s teammates will get, Saturday March 12northerners from chambray. Maxime Choplin, host from Le Mans, confides.

What is your background?

“I started playing basketball at the Madeleine club in Le Mans. After that I went to minimal France in La Jalt Le Mans and then I joined the MSB training center. Then I played in National 1 in Cognac, Quimper and Tarbes. I was also 2 years in Pro B in Quimper. I am currently doing my second season in Pays de Fougères basketball. »

How did you feel at PFB since your arrival?

“I feel good since my arrival. The club corresponds to what I expected when I signed here, that is, ambitious with a project to climb to National 1, but also very family friendly. We feel very good there. »

How much progress do you think you’ve made this year and what else would you like to work on?

“I would say that, above all, I improved physically this year. I arrived last year after a long period without playing. So I was quite behind from a physical point of view. There is no particular point that I want to work on more than another, but I continue to improve in all areas. »

What do you need for even better results on the outside?

“We are already happy that we have great support at home with the team and the fans, which is obviously not the case abroad. As a result, we sometimes lack confidence and consistency. Avoid expensive air pockets. We also have a team with a lot of shooters and the standards are not the same when we play away from home. »

The Coupe de France field on March 26th and 27th looks very exciting, surely you can’t wait to get there?

“Yes, qualifying for the French Cup is indeed the goal at the end of the season with the possibility of going to the final in Bercy and winning the trophy. We are necessarily impatient, we know it will be difficult, but we will be ready. »

What are your individual and team goals for this end of the season, especially in the league?

“Actually I don’t have any individual goals, I just try to make the team win and stay healthy, avoid injuries. From a collective point of view, even if the first 2 places seem impossible, now we will play all the games thoroughly. We will try to satisfy our fans and partners who support us they come to watch Justy and win more away games than in the first part of the season.”

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Saturday, March 12 at 8 p.m., Fougères-Cambrai (20


by day).

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