Basketball: GAB impresses and hopes to continue the good series with the third feat

Mathieu Auriol and his team are impressive at the start of the championship.
Mathieu Auriol and his team are impressive at the start of the championship. (©Stewart Abela)

This Saturday, October 8 at 8 p.m., GAB hopes to continue the good streak on the Pornica side for a match that smells like gunpowder.

What Garonne Avenir Basket does at the beginning of the season is surprising.

Moreover, the president of BBM, the neighboring club and historical rival, insisted on pointing out: “They have a very good start to the season. They won at JSA Bordeaux and I hope they didn’t piss them off,” he joked.

Benoît Fillonneau is not mistaken: the Gabists are impressive. After their inaugural success against Niorto, they fell to ESMS shortly before beating the two relegated favorites of the season.

Namely Dax then JSA, home. “This rewards the efforts of this group, which is fearless and very connected,” congratulates the coach. Adrien Ferrer really won his bet by taking young people and mixing them with experienced players.

“We have a homogeneous team, which likes to defend and which has fun. The players are intelligent and show great mental potential,” says the new man at the head of the team not without pride.

“Without success”

Even if the latter assures that his players did not achieve any feat because he knew they were capable of it, it remains obvious that these two performances, for this young group, are brilliant.

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Not everyone will beat Bordeaux at home, not even Dax. However, the Yellows owe these successes to their efforts in training.

We are doing very well and what is important is that all our players can play without leveling off.

Adrian Ferrer

Thanks to an extraordinary defeat and a persistent desire, the Gabists came back in the Gironde from -8 a few seconds before the end to win on the wire.

Especially thanks to the great performance of players such as Corentin Lopez, Calvin Le Borgne or Mathieu Auriol. Not forgetting the good passes of young Lesbarrères and Comblon, very active.

There will be a new pair of sleeves on Saturday. Meilhan moves to a specific competitor: Pornica. Acceptable team provided you put the ingredients. But it will continue to be a particularly difficult task.

I am totally in love with this band. So I trust him. But Pornic has the worst chick calendar. Therefore, one should not trust the results of this beginning of the season.

Adrian Ferrer

Never two without three: the feat is in sight.

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