Basketball: Fougères got scared against Laval

Bichard and Fougères took over Laval
Bichard and Fougères took over Laval (© Republic Chronicle).

4th day of the National Championship 2 basketball unfolded Saturday 1this one October. Pays de Fougères basketball he receivedAmerican Laval To Justy-Specker.

A very interesting start to the game for ferns who took control (5-0, 1st). Eliott Froc’s blind pass to Maxime Choplin and Fougerais increased the difference (13-3, 4th). Coach Fougerais rotated his workforce to provide his players with resources at the end of the game, Julian Scott took advantage (17-5, 6th). After the departure of Cheick Soumaor, ferns stuck in a racket, Laval stuck to the mark (20-13, 10.).

Bichard show

A small lack of realism affected both teams at the beginning of the 2nd quarter, only two small points in 3 minutes. Kévin Bichard returned and started delighting the audience with hits in the racket (24-17, 15.). The return of Soumaor to position 5 helped Fougerais the most (28-16).

On a dart from a very long distance, Bichard scored a goal and rejoiced in front of the Fougères dugout (34-21, 17.). Kévin Bichard, the best scorer of this first act with already 13 points on the counter, once again confirmed all the expectations around him. Laval creativity was lacking and they used free throws to stay in the game (40-28, halftime).

Ahead on break, ferns did not loosen its grip in the third quarter and kept the advantage in the result (47-35, 25.). in pain Laval he returned to the game at the end of the quarter. Laval insisted a little more at the very end of the 3rd quarter to take the lead 10 minutes before (55-49, 30). ferns he couldn’t get the game back on track.

A burst of pride from the residents of Laval

As very often this evening, the solution came from Cheick Soumaor in the racket, he gave air to his team (57-49, 31.). Mayennais Roman Huger distilled 3 points that calmed the ardor of Fougerais (57-54, 32nd).

Under Lavalloises waves, Fougères was taking water. Laval came back to only 3 small points, Mathieu Lemercier made a time-out. Maxime Choplin with his great experience did not panic and calmed things down (59-54, 33rd). Fougères couldn’t do it any more and let the Lavallists return to one unit (63-62, 37.).

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Cheick Soumaoro asked the public to push even harder at the end of the match, he himself took responsibility in the racket (65-62, 38th). In the heated end of the game, Fougères managed to resist Laval’s attacks, especially thanks to two free throws by Antoine Belkesse and Maxime Choplin at the very end of the game. Pays de Fougères basketball won (70-66).

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