Aviron football builds a professional model in five years

It’s the law of the genre, but this exodus brought into question the former player of Neb and the Whites. In order to stay on course, he tells himself he has to change gears. The solution implies a change in structure and transition to a professional status. “I talked about it around me, with Jean-Pierre Mainard, with the board of directors of the club, with the president of the District, with the president of the League, something has to be done, and during the discussions I came across Karim Fradin, he gave me confidence and the electricity passed” , explains Lausséni Sangaré.

A Moroccan international footballer, he chaired Chamois Niortais (Ligue 2) between 2017 and 2020, and also runs a sports strategy and recruitment consultancy. Apart from his leadership skills, he also invests in cold hard cash.

It was like that in Niort, it will be like that in Bayonne. “I often come to the Basque Country, I will settle there with my family,” explains the club’s new shareholder. Aviron Bayonnais is a great brand, it has a great reputation. The club has already evolved into Nacional, our goal is to return it there as soon as possible and without any cuts”, he explains. The Sky and White have set themselves five years until promotion to what will soon be called Ligue 3.


Last week a new structure was born: the SASP (professional sports company with limited liability) football club Aviron Bayonnais. Karim Fradin is the president. Lausséni Sangaré retains the presidency of the association with Jean-Pierre Mainard. The new shareholder wants to be reassuring. He arrives at the top of his crampons: “We’re going to do collective work, I’m bringing funds, but I’m not a magician, we’ll work with local actors, it’s first and foremost a human adventure.”

Thus, the Baiona Development company will be established so that partners who wish to do so can enter the capital of the club. The leaders know that they will have to work hard for a place alongside Aviron rugby, the “benevolent big brother” as they call it, but they believe in the potential of the round ball to succeed and register in the long term.

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